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Looking for tips & tricks to get rich quick? Look elsewhere.

Honest Ecommerce is a weekly podcast, community, and endless resource for ecommerce store owners and managers who are focused on continued wins.

We cut the fluff in favor of facts that actually help you grow your ecommerce business.

 —> On our podcast, we interview founders & marketers who are putting in the work and reaping real results — and share our own insights from running Electric Eye, an ecommerce development and optimization agency.
— > And inside our community, courses, and coaching, we work closely with owners to identify the actions that will take their stores to the next level.

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When: New episodes drop every week

Where: Your podcast player of choice

What You'll Hear

• Actionable advice from successful store owners, software founders, and ecommerce experts

• Practical discussion of the latest ecommerce industry developments

• Inspirational ideas to direct your own growth

What You Won't Hear

•Sleazy “get rich quick” schemes

•One-and-done tactics that take advantage of customers

•Dropshipping douchebaggery

•Sponsored guests or sneaky paid product placements


You Can't Afford To Miss This

Ecommerce expert & breakfast food enthusiast

Hosted by Chase Clymer

Shopify Experts, DTC Specialists, Good Dudes

Created by Electric Eye

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