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3 Takeaways from ‘A Day With Shopify’ NYC

Electric Eye spent a week in NYC taking in the sights, sounds and most importantly the tastes. While we were there, we also attended Shopify’s partner day and learned a few key things.

Knowledge is power

This phrase is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, but it still rings true today. Matty Bastin-Millar from Shopify spoke on the importance of building a knowledge database within your organization. “You should not rewrite the same email twice”. This seemed like a theme throughout the day that was revisited by other speakers. Companies should build up their systems to help you streamline processes and create efficiencies. Knowledge should also be shared freely amongst team-members so they can help in many different facets, not just their own silo.

Do what the fuck you want

Kurt Elster shared this advice when he took control of the room. Kurt is the host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast and owner of Chicago-based Shopify agency Ethercycle. His thought process was simple and insightful, like all good advice. It’s your business, build it how you want to build it. Shawn and I also spent some one-on-one time with Kurt, he’s a smart guy. Another takeaway was to find and use your authentic voice when dealing with clients and spreading content.

Automation will help you grow

Automation was sprinkled in throughout a few of the talks, but Natasha Murphy from Nicely Built spent most of her time discussing it. She has used automation in her business to help her streamline the sales process, so she can get more accomplished. Using the power of automation, they schedule calls and automatically follow up with prospects to make sure they are talking to everyone who wants to talk to them.

We also learned about a bunch of cool new apps that are out there in the app store and met the faces behind some that we already use.

  • Privy is an exit intent pop up app used to capture more emails to grow your marketing efforts
  • ReCharge is used for reoccurring billing and subscription services
  • Clever Adwords makes setting up Google Adwords campaigns a breeze
  • Fomo adds social proof to your website to help increase conversions

The trip was a great success for both our brains and our stomachs. Can’t wait to attend the next Shopify partner event!

P.S. We host the Shopify Meetup in Columbus, Ohio, and you can attend for free! Just click here to learn more.