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8 Best Shopify Apps to Help You Scale

This week's blog post is provided by our good friend Nico Ghibaudy​ of Littledata.

After serving its one millionth merchant last year, it’s no secret Shopify has grown into an ecommerce empire.

With its massive growth over the past 5+ years, plenty of brilliant SaaS apps have emerged to make merchant’s lives easier.

From subscription apps to affiliate marketing tools, the Shopify app store has spiked in popularity (and downloads). And luckily for merchants, there’s plenty of fruit to pick from the Shopify app tree.

Of course, not all Shopify apps are created equal. Some stand out from the pack. That’s why today, we’re running down what we think are the 8 best Shopify apps to help your store scale as quickly as possible. Let’s get to it!

For ease of reading, we’ve split the apps into categories.

Customer retention & loyalty programs


Smile.io is a popular customer loyalty & rewards app that helps you “turn your hard-earned sales into repeat customers.”

Smile’s philosophy is built on turning customers into brand advocates. Their app does this by creating beautiful on-site experiences for shoppers while maintaining an admin back-end dashboard for merchants to monitor their rewards programs and make changes whenever they want.

Smile’s tightest integrations are with Shopify and Shopify Plus, with more than 7,000 stores in the Shopify ecosystem using Smile.

Pricing starts at $49/mo, and they do offer a free plan with limited rewards program features.

Quick benefits

→ Points system to encourage profitable on-site actions that drive loyalty

→ Referrals program to turn customers into marketers for your store

→ VIP program to give increasing rewards to your best customers

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Similar to Smile, LoyaltyLion helps you power growth through VIP and loyalty programs. 

LoyaltyLion is a Shopify Plus partner, working with stores of all sizes like Vitabiotics, Astrid & Miyu, Skinnydip, Ancient Nutrition, and The Chivery.

The app lets you build your points and referrals program to reward customers points for purchases, sign ups, site visits, reviews, birthdays, social follows and referrals.

Customers can collect points to redeem discounted or free shipping, money off vouchers, early access to VIP sales, and free products.

Pricing starts at $159/mo for small businesses, but they do offer a free plan with up to 800 monthly orders included.

Quick benefits

→ Award loyalty points for purchases, sign-ups, subscriptions, birthdays, reviews, referrals, social media likes, follows and tagging

→ Build a customized customer loyalty program to power growth 

→ Up to 800 orders per month and unlimited loyalty members

Payment & billing


Okay, so Sezzle isn’t technically an app, but a widget installation.

But Sezzle’s tech plays to a growing trend among millennial shoppers: buy now, pay later. Sezzle lets shoppers (at any online store) split up the cost of a purchase into 4 interest-free payments.

Sezzle integrates with Shopify and Shopify Plus, plus other platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, etc.

Quick benefits

→ Pay over time: four interest-free payments over six weeks

→ No interest and no extra or hidden fees

→ A buy now, pay later solution that doesn’t impact your credit score


ReCharge is the leading platform to launch and scale a subscription business. Over 10,000 Shopify stores use ReCharge for their subscription lifecycles.

In a nutshell, ReCharge’s unique value prop is selling and managing repeat orders in one simple online platform.

ReCharge helps you get a subscription store up and running by transforming one-time products into subscription products. Seamless integration with Shopify means order management is a piece of cake

Pricing begins at $39/mo (plus 1% + a 5 cent transaction fee).

Quick benefits

→ Quickly add the option to subscribe and save to your product page.

→ Manage box-of-the-month subscriptions with tools like delivery cut-off dates, inventory forecasting, etc.

→ Auto-delivery options for customers



Enquire is a popular Shopify app that offers post-purchase surveys for customers. 

The data doesn’t lie: the fastest way to customer feedback is on the order confirmation page, which is what got Enquire started in the first place. The app has a twofold solution:

  1. Customer surveys for marketing attribution data
  2. Post-purchase surveys directly following the checkout page. 

Enquire also helps Shopify Plus stores marry their survey responses with existing data, including referral source and UTMs.

Pricing begins at $10/mo, but they offer a 14-day free trial.

Quick benefits

→ Gain deeper insights into your marketing channel distribution

→ Simple survey builder with responsive design and high response rates

→ Simple integrations for popular Shopify apps like ReCharge and Klaviyo

three person choosing the right marketing tool


Refersion is “advanced affiliate marketing made simple.” 

In other words, Refersion helps stores manage, track, and grow branded promotions and a strong affiliate network.

The popular Shopify app is also known for offering Shopify Plus stores full setup support and help “every step of the way.” 

They offer webinars, comprehensive guides, API documentation and community support to help Shopify Plus stores launch, manage and grow a profitable affiliate program (or multiple programs for multi store businesses). 

Pricing starts at $89/mo, but they offer a 14-day free trial.

Quick benefits

→ Track any digital sale your affiliate refers

→ Automate commissions to save time

→ Improve affiliate relationships with a personalized affiliate portal


Shoelace provides customer journey retargeting by combining real human experts with smart technology to create highly customized retargeting journeys for Shopify stores.

Shoelace helps merchants build an emotional connection with their customers by telling a brand story through relevant, authentic-feeling ads, through both Facebook and Instagram. 

They also offer retargeting sequences across the entire customer lifecycle, where merchants can segment customers and personalize ads to maximize the chances for conversion.

Essentially, Shoelace does all the work for you in terms of customer journey retargeting.

Pricing for expert-managed journeys starts at $249/mo.

Quick benefits

→ Create ads that fit your brand narrative without lifting a finger

→ Segment your ad audiences to personalize ad types and placements

→ Automate retargeting sequences across the entire customer lifecycle

Tracking & reporting


“Ecommerce analytics are broken, so we built a better way.”

That’s the line that started it all at Littledata, our one-of-a-kind tracking solution for Shopify Plus businesses. 

While apps like Glew.io and Elevar do offer data insights for Shopify, they’re limited in what they provide.

Littledata’s smart analytics app for Shopify connects your Shopify store with Google Analytics to automatically fix your tracking across the board, from marketing channels to buying behavior.

The app also provides a seamless connection between your Shopify site, Google Analytics and popular Shopify apps platforms such as: 

  • Segment to use Shopify as a Segment source (often in addition to Google Analytics)
  • ReCharge for managing subscription ecommerce and tracking recurring revenue
  • CartHook to capture every sale, refund and checkout
  • Facebook Ads and Google Ads for accurate marketing attribution

Pricing begins at $59/mo for a Standard plan, but but we offer a 30-day free trial and enterprise plans designed for Shopify Plus merchants who want extra analytics support and a dedicated account manager.

Quick benefits

→ Complete Shopify tracking (and automatically fixed data) means better decisions for your store 

→ Shopify data is 100% accurate within 24 hours — don’t wait months for data you can trust

→ Free & frequent data audits, plus custom ecommerce benchmarking to identify areas for improvement


BeProfit provides online sellers with a complete analysis of their store's profits to help them make smarter decisions and boost their bottom line. The app integrates with dozens of data sources like shipping and advertising platforms to calculate business metrics and profits in real time.

The app takes into account every type of business expense you can think of, which allows calculating profits with unprecedented accuracy.

BeProfit also features the option to create custom reports or use predefined report templates for products, vendors, taxes, transaction fees, and many more. This is a must have for anyone looking to get a solid grip on their business finances.

Quick benefits

→ Discover your most & least profitable products

→ Identify successful customer cohorts

→ Track the performance of each of your ads