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Lesson 3 - Why FB/IG is the Place to Start


Why Facebook//Instagram is a good place to start

Alright, we want to set realistic expectations about Facebook and Instagram ads because we’ve seen so many people jump onto the platform to save their business but their expectations weren’t in the right place and they hadn’t been committed for the long haul. Facebook and Instagram ads are far, far, less scary than you might think and we promise at the end of this course you’ll be able to navigate the platform, create a strategy, and set up your ads like a champ. It was built so that everyone could utilize the awesome power of social media to help build and grow their businesses. Here’s why Facebook and Instagram are the best places to start (we’ll cover all of these more as we go)

Easy setup with your Shopify Store

The magic of Facebook and Instagram ads comes in those moments when you think that your phone has been ‘listening’ to you because all of the sudden you’re getting ads for this brand you talked about one time. Well, we can’t say anything about your phone listening to you but we know how those ads made it to you and you can make your ads do the same thing. Every Facebook Ad Account requires the use of a Facebook Pixel, we will discuss the pixel more later but in short, it’s a tracker that looks at who has been to your website or your social media pages, and some of the actions someone has taken. When you use Shopify with Facebook and Instagram ads, the set up is as simple as copy-paste. We’ll walk you through it.

Affinity Audiences

Do you want to start expanding out into new people who have never seen your brand before? Or maybe you’re a newer brand but you’ve got all the pieces in place from above including a designated budget but you just haven’t exactly figured out how to target the right people on Facebook and Instagram. Well this is where the power of Facebook and Instagram comes into play. When you’re creating your ads, you will get the option to decide who, what, when, where, and why someone might see your ads. The who section can be remarkably powerful. For example, you can send ads targeting Women under 40 years old, who live in major cities, that travel frequently, like luxury goods, vegan food, and entrepreneurship. These affinity audiences are a great way to expand your reach or just test new ‘customer personas’ and the options are easy and limitless. You can leverage the following information:




Geographic location


Placements (FB/IG/Messenger/etc)

Custom audiences

Custom audiences are really the superpower of facebook and instagram because they can directly target people who have already interacted with your business or target people who ‘look’ exactly like people who have already interacted with your business. This is where the power of your Facebook pixel comes in. It allows you to track specific actions users have taken. For instance, it will allow you to target people who may have visited your website and not made a purchase, viewed specific product pages, visited your Instagram profile, or create an audience of people that are basically 99% similar to all of the people already on your email list. Custom audiences are the secret weapon for every paid media strategy.

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