Module 2. Lesson 1.


  1. Getting Started with Facebook and Instagram

Alright, now that you have a better understanding of what Facebook and Instagram ads can do, we need to break down the internal workings of the platform so you can understand the terminology and the different tools we are going to utilize. The first of those being Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager is essentially your Facebook advertising business headquarters. It will be the central location where all of the pieces of the puzzle get connected. Through your Business Manager, we will connect your ad account, your Facebook business page, your Instagram business account, your Facebook Pixel and more. Business Manager is also where you’ll be able to manage permissions for everything as your business grows or if you choose to work with an external marketing agency so it’s a great idea to make sure it’s all set up properly. Here are a couple of things to make sure you have with you or you can fulfill ahead of time before you set up your Business Manager Account.

Make sure that you are listed as an Admin for your Facebook Business page

Make sure that your Instagram Account is set-up as a Business Profile

Make sure you have your Instagram username and password handy

Make sure you have your Shopify account log-in information handy