Module 2. Lesson 2.


Terminology//Vocabulary//Things To Know Before We Start

Ad Account

Your Ad Account is different from your Business Manager Account, if the Business Manager is the Queen Bee, the Ad Account is the worker bee. Your ad account will be the place where you construct ads that will go on both Facebook and Instagram that potential or current customers will see. When you are constructing your account initially it will be called your ad account, later when you want to navigate to your ad account you’ll need Ads Manager. The two are somewhat interchangeable. You'll manage Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads within your Ad account//Ads Manager and we’ll get into the specifics in how those all differ later.


If you’ve ever seen a spy movie, think of your Facebook Pixel (though this name is deceiving, the pixel is not exclusively for Facebook) as the tracking device for every person who visits your website, your facebook page, your Instagram profile and beyond. The pixel will be connected to your Business Manager (and therefore your Facebook and Instagram profiles), your ad account, and your website. This Facebook pixel is what will allow you to track how many sales are coming from your ads; it will allow you to create ads that target people that have visited your social media pages but not made a purchase, or retarget people that have added to their cart on your site. Your Facebook pixel is your secret weapon here and a necessary part to make sure your ads are all working properly and attributing sales appropriately.

Facebook Business Page

One thing we hear from businesses all the time is “isn’t facebook kind of ‘dead’” and “why do I need a Facebook Business Page?” Well we are here to tell you that Facebook is absolutely not dead. We see some of the highest returns from accounts when they are advertising on Facebook, and you can’t advertise your business on Facebook unless you have a business page for your ad to ‘come from.’ So just trust us and do the damn thing. NOTE: We will not be walking through explicit instructions on how to properly create your facebook business page. If you’ve not already done so you can check out this blog that gives more detail on the subject.

Audience Manager

This one may seem pretty straightforward but it’s worth explaining anyway. Your Audience Manager will serve as the place to pre-create the groups of people that you will target with your ads. We will break down the various types of audiences and how to create them later on in this module.


Your Facebook Catalog will correlate with your Shopify products so it will essentially be a copy of your product catalog. We will set it up through a feed that will automatically update daily with the correct products and inventory.