Module 3. Lesson 4.


More Information and Things to Note

Campaign Objectives

You probably noticed that there are a multitude of campaign objectives available for you. The majority of them are pretty self-explanatory but it should be said that some of them require certain rules and must follow specific regulations. For the sake of what we are learning, the best objective is always conversions. We want to make sales on this platform and sales=conversions

Naming Conventions

This a regularly overlooked part of any ads strategy but trust us when we tell you it will make your life 1000x easier when you start getting into more ads and testing and really start growing so here is our easy naming conventions templates:

Campaign Level

[Campaign Objective] Launch Date - Funnel Location

Example: [Conversions] 06/17/20 - TOTF

Right away this tells me, this campaign is targeting for conversions, it was started on June, 17th 2020 (this is incredibly useful when analyzing and creating reports), and it’s targeting the Top of the Funnel

Ad Set Level

[platform - placement] Audience or Persona (Gender, Age Range)

Example: [FB Feed - Mobile] 1% LAL Email Subscribers (F, 18-45)

Right away this tells me, this ad set is targeting Facebook users on mobile devices only, it's a Lookalike Audience based off of my email subscribers and it’s targeting women, aged 18-45.

Ad Level


Example: Boy-With-Ball_IG-Story_IMG

Right away, without needing to open this ad, I know that it’s a still Image, of a boy with a ball, that is in a vertical portrait format because it is being served on Instagram story

Budget Management Level

You may have noticed as we were creating our campaigns and ad sets that we were offered two different ways to manage our budget. One is at the campaign level and one is at the ad set level. There are pros and cons to both options but we recommend managing your budget at the campaign level to start and here’s why. You’ve heard multiple mentions at this point about the Facebook algorithm. If you know anything about AI and Machine Learning, you probably know a thing or two about the Facebook algorithm and how it works, if you don’t, well don’t think too hard about it. The basic idea of it is that Facebook has all this information about shopping and buying patterns and customer interactions. When you manage the budget from a campaign level, it allows Facebook to leverage this machine learning information to spend your budget in the area that is going to be most effective for you based on the goals/objectives that you’ve set. If you have a ton of incredible insights on your customers already, then perhaps you’re ready to get going with managing your Facebook ads at the ad set level but our recommendation is always going to be to stick with it at the campaign level. It’s just going to make your life a whole hell of a lot easier.