Lesson 15.


Understanding your ad performance

Getting your ad account built was the first hurdle, then getting your actual campaigns and ads built was the last hurdle, now we are in the final stretch. Understanding the results from your ads is just as important, if not more, than creating the ads themselves. Understanding your ads will help you get a deeper understanding of your audience, where they are shopping, what they are shopping for, and how they are shopping. Reading and understanding your ads is one of the more daunting tasks at first, there can seem like so many choices and pieces of information to parse through. But we are going to break down the important ones to pay attention to, why they matter, and what they mean for you and your business.

Reports Vs. Views

There are a few ways to look at your ad performance inside of Ads Manager but the two main options are reporting and your general performance view. Reporting here means creating a custom report to look at your ads from a more segmented perspective. Reports must be created separately from your normal Ads Manager view. They can definitely be beneficial if you’re needing to present certain information to co-workers or investors but creating reports is not necessary at all. The other easy option is to customize your columbs and view within the standard Ads Manager. This is our personal preference as it makes reading through your ad account for different time ranges and viewing a multitude of different metrics very quick in easy. We will walk through setting up this reporting view next and then we’ll break down each of the categories, what they mean, and why they are important.