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Ep. 129 - Where Do You Go When Facebook Blows Over? with Lindsey Johnson

Almost a decade after first meeting through mutual friends, Liz Eichholz bought a new house and Lindsey Johnson got engaged, and both were on the hunt for towels. 

Buying new ones proved to be daunting – if they weren’t put off by mediocre quality, embroidery lead times, or astronomical price tags, they felt overwhelmed by jargon. GSM? Zero twist? 

They wanted a brand they could trust, and towels that looked as great as they felt. In October 2018, after a year and half of research and development, Weezie was born. 

Lindsey Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of direct-to-consumer brand Weezie Towels.

Lindsey received her BA from Vanderbilt University and her MBA from Columbia Business School. 

Prior to co-founding Weezie, Lindsey worked in finance, including investing and serving on the boards of early stage consumer product companies. 

Lindsey and her family reside in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [01:06] Lindsey’s background
  • [02:01] Lessons from the Finance industry
  • [02:56] How the idea of Weezie came
  • [05:13] Complex product development for Weezie
  • [06:57] Go-to-market strategy and launch
  • [08:42] Paid ads and building credibility
  • [09:08] Expectations for the launch
  • [10:53] The “shiny object syndrome”
  • [12:08] Scaling saying no
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  • [17:32] Weezie’s current marketing strategies
  • [19:32] Paid advertising is getting harder
  • [20:55] Other paid marketing channels
  • [21:49] Owned channels for Weezie
  • [22:00] SMS on par and even better than email
  • [23:06] Targeting, testing, and print media
  • [23:33] Print media attribution
  • [24:48] Same patterns, different journeys
  • [26:02] Working with partnerships
  • [27:33] What’s next for Weezie
  • [28:14] Why Weezie is only DTC for now
  • [28:48] Timestamp information


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