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Unprepared Ep 22 - Content Creation and Product Photography Tips with Kyle Asperger


[00:00] - Intro
[00:45] - How Studio 301 helps people
[02:22] - Strategies differ but the goal is the same
[03:31] - Quality makes your content stand out
[04:06] - Taking the first step before focusing quality
[04:45] - Consistency goes hand-in-hand with quality
[05:03] - Improve the quality of content without outsourcing
[06:55] - Adding your flavor to product photos
[07:45] - Taking advantage of free time
[09:24] - Where to find Kyle


Key Points:

  • Studio 301 is a “creative house” that helps brands as an outsourced marketing and brand strategy department.

  • Because of COVID, Studio 301 is currently assisting brands and businesses in their transition to digital. Their clients are usually operating in the traditional way, such as automotives, car shops, etc. They usually assist in implementing emails and social media.

  • COVID became the catalyst for these traditional brands to go digital.

  • There is no single marketing solution that can fit all businesses. It almost always has to be custom.

  • The marketing solutions, platforms, or strategies might differ per brand but the goal stays the same: To communicate with your audience.

  • Whatever your strategy may be, quality should always be the focus in content creation.

  • Quality makes your content stand out and draw more people in.

  • Getting the system built for regular posting and getting used to the rhythm of posting is fundamental to any content strategy.

  • Aside from quality, consistency is also crucial to making content stand out.

  • If you’re not engaging with your audience consistently, you will not be at the top of their minds.

  • Quality and consistency is challenging to maintain, especially without the assistance of teams.

  • For apparel brands that are looking for content ideas, just be your own model and take pictures of you wearing your brand.

  • For beginners, when taking a picture of your product, place it in a clean background to remove distractions. The product should be the focus and having a distracting background removes that focus.

  • After taking a clean picture, add the flavor of your brand. That’s where you’ll make your product photos stand out.

  • If you have more free time, take that opportunity to have some time for yourself and reflect. Then look for people that can help you truly.



Chase Clymer  

All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Unprepared. Today, I welcome another Columbus, Ohio. And I guess that's how we would say that from our rainy city for the last couple of days. Kyle Aspergers joining me from Studio 301. How are you doing today?

Kyle Asperger  

Good, man. Thanks for having me. Chase.

Chase Clymer  

Oh, yeah, no problem. So this is gonna be a fun one. So Kyle actually isn't isn't much in the e commerce space, as most of my guests and audience are, which is awesome, I want to get on a branch out a bit more, because I feel like people have different specialties have a lot to bring to the table and offer to people in the e commerce space. 

A lot of the tactics and stuff that you're going to do translate all over the place, it doesn't have to really be your specialty or niche. So that's why I'm excited to talk to Kyle today. So Kyle, for people that are unfamiliar with Studio 301, kind of explain what you guys do over there and how you help people. 

Kyle Asperger  

Sure. We're, well, Studio 301, it's a creative house, and we like to kind of really integrate with companies like their marketing and like brand strategy arm, so to speak. So we know, oftentimes help out companies that have been around for a bit. 

But they don't have, you know, the internal team or resources available to create whatever it is that they need to really get their message out there. You know, and especially in times like this, where, you know, people have already reached out saying, you know, I'm through COVID.

I know, we're not really supposed to focus on this, but, you know, for companies, like is it a driving force of change, mostly because, you know, they had a very, like, in person setup previously.

And now they're saying like, Well, you know, since we can't really, you know, cater to people here in person, then we have to completely switch to, you know, digital scheduling, or, you know, reach out and connect with people on, you know, more regular basis through email, Instagram, you know, all these different platforms, just ways to connect with people. 

And, you know, these aren't typically,you know, this is like, in like, automotive, you know, car shops, and you know, stuff like that, like things that won't typically reach out to people in such a digital manner. And, you know, it's because of COVID, that isn't, now's the time to make that change.

Chase Clymer  

Yeah. So I know, one of the things that you help a lot of businesses with is content creation. And I know, on our side of things, we can see, literally a line drawn in the sand between businesses that focus on content creation, and kind of the trajectory of what that's going to do for them to businesses that kind of skirt content creation and focus on other avenues. 

Especially with paid media and paid social, like there's a world of difference between brands that are producing a lot more content and brands that aren't, how does that kind of translate over into like other markets.

Kyle Asperger  

There's a way that it can translate for everybody. The translation may be different, there's no like, at least in my mind, there's no kind of cut and dry solution. I'm a very kind of customer solution oriented individual. 

And, you know, there are a lot of shops that can say like, Alright, well, you know, there's a general formula, and yes, that is true. But you know, it's the different pieces that are kind of tacked on to that formula that really can define, you know, the way that a brand or an individual is really speaking to whoever their end user base actually is. 

And concentration, it's just like, you know, a quality, quality quality is kind of King that, you know, you see, like,especially like you were talking about, like LinkedIn earlier, you know, this is like one of those places that you see so much stuff out there on a regular basis. 

And nothing stands out as being extraordinary, or, like, even remotely interesting, as far as I'm concerned. So, you know, it's a matter of art, how do we sort of step outside that box, but, you know, draw people in that way by

Chase Clymer  

I'm a big fan of authenticity. And you know, what, I actually will probably take a opposite approach from you, which is fine, these are just, you know, our opinions, but I believe quality is important, but at the same time, it's like, the first blog post you write isn't going to get you a million visitors.

It's, you know, it's getting that system built and getting in the rhythm of producing content, I believe content of any sort, I believe is probably the most important funding fundamental system in your business than you know, waiting for the most perfect piece of content before you release it. So I get that's just my opinion, and...

Kyle Asperger  

Along with the quality consistency is the, like, the critical thing that ...

Chase Clymer  


If you don't keep up with your, you know, engaging with your audience on whatever the platform is, then you know, you're not going to be top of mind. It's kind of simple like that. So yes, I do entirely agree with that.

Going back to the quality piece, though, especially for people now, you know, I guess a lot of people now working remote, they may not have access to a studio, what are some ways that do wires or younger brands that can't afford to work with partners like us? Like what are some ways that they can up the quality of their content?

Kyle Asperger  

Give me an example of a, you know, potential client, so to speak.

Chase Clymer  

Sure, let's let's talk about, you know, just like a local, not local, per se, but an up and coming apparel brand, there's a lot of those out there in space, producing, you know, custom t shirts, and pantalones per se, you know, just clothing brand.

Kyle Asperger  

Yeah, try out my pentiums. I mean, again, like the, you know, quality and consistency like that is a, they're two hard things to sistent Lee maintain, especially, you know, without the resources of other teams and, you know, creative geeks to really sort of like to drive that train. 

You know, a lot of it really just comes down to, like, you know, if you're just trying to get the, like, apparel out there, you know, in a way that makes sense, like, you know, be your own model, you know, snap a few selfies on your phone, like...

Don't take it in your like, you know, busy kitchen or something like that, like, you know, where there's distracting elements around there. Like, you know, me, I have like a big backdrop that I'm sitting in front of, for this, but like, you know, not everybody's going to be able to squeeze this into their living room or, you know, basement or something like that. 

But you know, it's as simple as just finding a naked wall. And, you know, keep it clean, keep it simple, and make the product kind of up close and personal. And then, you know, just add whatever it is that your flavor is. And that's how people that will kind of really tack on to the brand.

Chase Clymer

You don't know, that's like what you just said was a very, very delicious piece. That's like the golden nugget of like, how to just get started with producing good photos of your product is keep it simple. 

Kyle Asperger  

Keep the product front and center and then add your flavor. I see like a lot of brands, you know, that flavor comes in the form of kind of whatever market your product exists. And it's like other ancillary products that might kind of be in that world. 

For example, like with like, weightlifting, like, apparel for like weightlifting, or working out, like you'll often see sometimes splashed in, in the corner of a photo or something would be maybe like a weight or, or like a water bottle like these are, these are accessories that exist in that world in that space to help me texture. 

Chase Clymer

Exactly, yeah, I think that's, that's a great piece of advice. Is there anything that I forgot to ask you about today that you think would be useful for the people listening, or watching.

Kyle Asperger  

I mean, I'll just, I'll speak from my own experience in that, like, you know, during COVID, especially the client work sort of, like, you know, naturally just kind of dipped down a bit. 

And so, not only has that one sort of ushered in a little bit more free time, which has been nice to just enjoy, quite honestly, for, you know, people like us that are inherently Workaholics. 

But, you know, also utilizing that time to look inward, and whether that's, you know, quite simply just reflecting by yourself with yourself, or, you know, finding the friends, finding the mentors to, you know, keep you accountable, you know, I took 10 weeks, 10 different sessions, going back and forth with the business coach to you know, work through the the mission core values, you know, vision statement for Studio 301. 

And that's all stuff that, you know, I would not have otherwise been able to do by myself. So that's where, you know, really enlisting that individual helped enormously. And, you know, now's the time, you know, hopefully you're healthy. 

But if you look inward, you do the work, then, you know, that's the way to frame the business to a healthier level by the time that everybody gets out of this.

Chase Clymer  

Yeah, that's that's a great thing. Like if you can't do certain things within your business use the time wisely. Now effort is going to be exponential. On the other side of it. People are in the future looking to kind of up that quality with their content, how do they get ahold of you?

Kyle Asperger  

We are studio301.org. And there we have updated projects, case studies and that there's contact us. It's as easy as just shooting me an email and then you know, we'll hop on a no strings discovery call and see if we can help great. If not, then, you know, hopefully I can connect you with somebody that can better suit your needs. 

Chase Clymer  

Awesome. Thank you so much.

Kyle Asperger  

Yeah. Thanks a lot, Chase.

A few weeks ago the world changed forever. Every business, every entrepreneur, every single person was unprepared for the sudden change we'd all experience. I'm going to use this time to create content focused on what you can do right now to help your business grow. We're all in this together, we're all unprepared.