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Unprepared‌ ‌Ep‌ ‌26‌ ‌-‌ ‌The‌ ‌Value‌ ‌in‌ ‌Making‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Customer‌ ‌Feel‌ ‌Heard‌ ‌with‌ ‌Lucas‌ ‌Walker‌ ‌


    [00:00] - Intro
    [01:45] - How Lucas found success
    [03:36] - Treats Happen’s famous wallet card
    [04:05] - The cost to create the wallet cards
    [04:25] - Where Lucas went viral
    [05:05] - Lucas screen sharing
    [06:36] - How Treats Happen handled virality
    [07:06] - The value in personal responses
    [08:12] - Chase being transparent
    [08:47] - Chase’s big teaser!
    [09:11] - Where to find Lucas
    [09:44] - Sponsor: Rewind


    Key Points:

    • Before joining Gorgias, Lucas was a merchant. He launched Treats Happen in 2014 and guest appeared on the Shopify Masters Podcast in 2016.

    • The “growth hack” of posting your products on Reddit is not always effective. It can only give you a boost in visitors and initial sales and you risk to be flagged or marked as spam in that specific subreddit.

    • Lucas created wallet cards for Treats Happen as a part of their promos. It includes a message that informs that their pet is at home and contact numbers in case of an emergency.

    • Then, they posted the cards on r/Freebies just to see what happens and they went viral.

    • They essentially just invested in the cards and with one post, the demand for the cards were enormous.

    • Because of the sudden traffic Treats Happen was forced to come up with a way to fulfill orders and keep up with the demand.

    • Treats Happen then limited the free cards that the customers can order to a pair only because some were ordering for 1000 cards. Then they included a message for those orders telling them that they can get multiple cards if they buy multiple treats.

    • Treats Happen then created an email list in Gmail for all the open orders that had a strong call-to-action to reply.

    • Because of the lack of email automation, Lucas had a very difficult time sifting  through the replies. He spent a day and a half just responding to the people who got frustrated.
    • 4 years later after their virality, people still come back to the store just because Lucas took the time to respond even without automation.

    • Chase personally uses Gorgias to track the emails they get in Electric Eye.



     Chase Clymer  

    Alrighty everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Unprepared. I don't know if I've mentioned this on this before. I'll keep it short.We're going to keep this going. 

    I don't know what kind of cadence we're gonna have, it's gonna pivot a little bit away from all the COVID related stuff that it started with. But I really liked this form. 

    So we're gonna keep it going. Anyways, welcome to the show today, probably one of our greatest partners, we talk to them more than we should, we annoy each other all the time. Lucas, welcome to the show, how are you doing?

    Lucas Walker  

    Thank you so much Chase, you know, all things considered with everything that's going on in the world. At the time of this recording. Pretty good. 

    Hopefully, things are a little bit better for everyone. By the time people are listening to it, but at the rate we've been going in 2020. If we don't even have access to the internet, in a couple months, when people are listening to this, that will be a big win with the trend of how everything's been going.

    Chase Clymer  

    Absolutely, we should probably let people know where you work, because I didn't mention that.

    Lucas Walker  

    That's okay, let me do all I can do in the intro. And we have to edit this out. We can but like you mentioned, we're gonna keep it who cares. 

    Chase Clymer  

    We know each other so well, that we just assume that everyone else knows that in Electric Eye, Gorgias is our partner. And that's why I'm with Gorgias. 

    Lucas Walker 

    So I am Lucas Walker from Gorgias, I'm sure you've seen me on social, or in some of the Facebook communities. If not, I have not been doing a good enough job at what I do. But hopefully, you've seen me there, maybe even seen a video or two that I've been on. 

    But what makes my story and my journey. so unique is before joining Gorgias, I was actually a merchant myself. We launched a store retreat in 2014. You may have heard me electrify the masters podcast a few years ago. And that's what I'm going to be talking about today is a day where everything just kind of went off the rails, we had that crazy, crazy success, it also opened up a whole other can of worms. And that ties into why I'm so passionate about what I'm doing at Gorgias.

    Chase Clymer  

    Awesome. So let's let's kind of get into it. What happens when you have an overwhelming success? Kind of what piggybacks on that? And how can that kind of create almost an unintentional nightmare.

    Lucas Walker  

    So yeah, let's go over everything that happens of unintentional success. It could be a celebrity, posting about a product, it could be a meme or something that you share just going viral, or in our case, one of those growth hacks you always hear about, oh, submit your product to Reddit, it can really move the needle, but it never really does. 

    Maybe you get one or two sales, a little bit of traffic top of funnel. More than likely not though, you're just flagged as being blog spam, and banned from that subreddit. What happened to me was, we submitted something to freebies, and I'll show the post. 

    And I'll even share my dashboard from that month. But what happened is we created these really, really cool and quite frankly, every pet owner should have them. So treats happened as a natural dog treat company. And we created these wallet cards that say, hey, my pet is at home in case of emergency please contact me so and so to make sure my dog's fat isn't going to increase alone in your home. 

    So we created these we were giving them out as sort of a sneaky little promo with every order acts a little by little billboard for treats happening in your wallet, your mind at last, every time that you make a purchase, take out your credit card or whatever. 

    Then I thought you know what, these are pretty cool. We're throwing them in with every order. Let's open it to freebies, anyone who claims to have a pet mo there are a lot more dog and cat owners. Let's just see what happens. So I'm going to go ahead and share my screen now. 

    And while I'm doing that, I've been hogging the mic, like, like a bad karaoke partner. So I'll give you guys a little bit of my time here, Chase.

    Chase Clymer  

    No worries. So do you have a picture of what those wallet cards look like? I mean, is it like, essentially a glorified business card?

    Lucas Walker  

    So it was exactly a business card? Let me pull it up here if we see an image of it. So right here, you know, in case of an emergency, please contact the name of the worse on the reverse side. And then they just have their contact info that you fill out with.

    Chase Clymer  

    All right, and I'm assuming these were since created.

    Lucas Walker  

    Yeah, like whatever the cost is to get a two sided color business card from vistaprint. That's how we throw it in with every order. It's a nice little bonus nice old promo item, this stamp to send them out the envelope and stamp costs more than then each one to send out.

    Chase Clymer  

    So I thought it was awesome. So let's, let's show everyone the post. This is where the magic happened.

    Lucas Walker  

    Yeah. So four years ago, actually, almost to the day of the recording of this podcast. Thankfully, they don't register the treats, guys. They're really getting promised and super healthy. 

    You're sporting a small business. having some fun in the comments. These are the things you don't even need starting to get into the trolls. And for context. 

    Normally the top Reddit posts are recent just because there's more users. This is still a top 100 post from four years ago. So all the comments are getting pretty positive. But that's because this hadn't happened yet. 

    The wiggle into the month of May, EMC No, not bad sales, really big amount of store sessions on that one day, and total orders. So over 6800 came up. And this is only the US site where most of our business and most of our customers are coming in from Canada. 

    So here we see, over 10, almost 10,000 sessions added to cart, and the majority of this is coming on 00 ad spend. So if you were to tell someone, you know what you're gonna get 10,000 add to carts 15% conversion rate from your store, all from a single Reddit post, you would be all over that. 

    But for a free product, that let's say the cost to put it in an envelope with a stamp with paying someone to do it, and ship them out is about $1 per pair, over a million were claimed.

    Chase Clymer  

    That's a lot. Now.

    Lucas Walker  

    Yeah, they weren't really converting either. And so all of a sudden, we had to manage the people saying, Oh, no, what's happening? 

    So what we ended up doing was you can actually see it here was this creating a printout version two do, we said if you ordered some treats, or he ordered treats will include extra as plus, plus a sticker for your front door in case of an emergency. But we really had to just figure out a way to fulfill them. 

    So we end up doing that digital download and samsam automations there once those orders are fulfilled. So that's how we ended up doing,

    Chase Clymer  

    how did you handle emailing a million people? Or was it like, was it people were buying multiple items like how well not like buying, but we're claiming multiple items.

    Lucas Walker  

    So what we did was, we've made it clear that you only get one pair for free and then that somebody would add 1000 or 100 to their cart. So for those we just had sent a standard message of You know what, it's just a limit per order. 

    If you order some treats, we'll send up to 12 if you need them. But for every one we created a list of all our open orders that had this revenue under zero dollars, etc. And then had a strong call to action to reply to that email. 

    But all of that was just going through Gmail, so people saying calling me all kinds of names, automated replies, everything was just like inundated in my inbox and I spent probably a day and a half just responding to emails and people who were kind of frustrating pissed off and I don't blame them I'd be frustrated and pissed off too. 

    But a big part of that does tie into the value Gorgias because now even four years later we have people still coming back to the store to order either on subscription or not that I took the time to respond to and reply to.

    And especially as you're growing your business there's just so much value in taking that time to let people be heard even if they're frustrated pissed off having a macro or something that goes hey, I totally get it I'd be pissed off too. 

    Unfortunately we ran out of carbs long ago. Here's how we can do this and here's $10 off your next order should you choose to buy treats from us.

    Chase Clymer  

    Absolutely. And just I want to let everyone know this isn't intentionally an ad for Gorgias while they are good partner they do sponsor the podcast all they're doing is helping us pay for our VA to edit it they're not really doing much more no offense you guys but I'm just being I'm just being upfront with everybody.

    Lucas Walker  

    Oh no extra we are sponsoring the podcast we are a partner we both work together but naturally I'm willing to tell a story that I know well and also that sees the value of why you in the company that I work for and I take a lot of pride in who we are

    Chase Clymer  

    Yeah no but i'm i'm gonna double down like we use Gorgias at honesty commerce, if anyone's paid attention lately. 

    We've split honest e-commerce off from the agency and there's a reason coming out soon. I hope everyone's gonna be excited I'm gonna tell Lucas after this um but yeah.

    So we use that to track all the inbox inquiries that we get. I mean there's a bunch of automations going on there so we get a lot of people reaching back out to us and it's very hard to manage tha .

    Nowhere near managing no nowhere near a million you know things they have to deal with. Quickly though we got about 30 seconds left here Lucas and people are curious about Gorgias or they want to check out your dog treats. How do they get a hold of you?

    Lucas Walker  

    Yeah, absolutely. If you had a treats happen calm slash free your first two bags freight and you see a pretty cool upsell funnel just cover the shipping also for Gorgias just go to Gorgias calm mentioned that you heard me or hit me up in your Facebook group Lucas Walker, I'm I'm a member there. Just slide into my DMS or tag me in a post if you have a question.

    Chase Clymer  

    Awesome. Thanks so much for coming on the show today.

    Lucas Walker  

    And driving the Chase, I appreciate it always a pleasure.

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