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Unprepared Ep 28 - How to Use Facebook Messenger For Brands with Nick Romaya


    [00:00] - Intro
    [00:48] - How Facebook Messenger marketing works
    [04:40] - Are leads less qualified in Messenger?
    [05:52] - How brands are utilizing Messenger
    [09:00] - Where to find Nick
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    Key Points:

    • Facebook Messenger is an addition to owned channels, just like email and SMS. 
    • Email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger are the 3 main owned channels in which you build up the list and execute on them. Apps are another owned channel that is tougher to download and opt-in.
    • If your goal is to be seen by as many people as possible, it makes sense to adopt many of these owned media.
    • Messenger opt-in is the reply from the consumers.
    • Messenger gets the consumer to engage by any means. That can be through an ad that you're already running or a welcome pop-up.
    • Messenger is always trying to get the audience to somehow interact with the brand through messenger. That's how they get opt-ins.
    • Messenger has a 90% open rate compared to email and SMS which is because people are getting notifications on their phone and constantly checking their Messenger. 
    • Although people use Messenger for personal communication, there are lots of business capabilities around it that a lot of Ecommerce is just starting to envelop.
    • Messenger had its time with the automatic check but the curve and attention for Messenger are coming back.
    • It’s easier to get leads with Messenger if you have the right messenger touchpoints with your brand.
    • Messenger may get less qualified leads meaning they won’t make the same purchasing decision compared to consumers who input their email or phone number.
    • The slight difference in the quality of the customers is a bit outweighed by the volume of leads and how convenient it is to capture them through Messenger.
    • Messenger ads could be incorporated with some powerhouse social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
    • Messenger ad is not changing your marketing strategy if you want to keep the click going or if already have built great traffic out of it. 
    • With Click-to-Messenger ads, it opens a conversation that prompts you to interact saying "Get Started" or "Unlock the 10% code" . This is the response or the opt-in.
    • If consumers went in with the process and decided to leave, at least they've opted-in unlike with email or SMS where people won’t leave anything. 
    • The value in Messenger marketing is that you can capture a subscriber in the meantime and execute on in the future.
    • Brands can use this to send follow-ups in a relevantly short period of time about a product that a consumer may be interested in buying. These are “free follow-ups” from your ads as soon as consumers interact with it. 



    Chase Clymer  

    Welcome back, everybody to another episode of Unprepared. It's been a few weeks since I've done this, but now we've got an official we're gonna keep doing this forever. I don't know. Anyways, today we're welcoming the show Nick from Recart. Nick, welcome to show how you are doing?

    Nick Romaya  

    Hey, thanks for having me, Chase. I really appreciate it. Everything's good. Yeah, I just just moved into my new apartment. 

    So backwards a little bit, but everything's great. Can't complain. Absolutely excited to talk to you.

    Chase Clymer  

    You got it done. So that's, that's all that matters. So today we're gonna dive into the world of messenger. So Facebook Messenger, I'm assuming is what we're specifically talking about?

    Nick Romaya  

    Yep. Correct.

    Chase Clymer  

    Awesome. So well, first and foremost, I don't use it on walls. Okay, I kind of have a brand. Honestly, commerce is kind of a brand, but I don't use it. 

    So I guess, tell me what I'm missing out on not using Facebook messenger to communicate with, you know, people that, like the content we put out here or, you know, eventually we're gonna have some products as well.

    Nick Romaya  

    Yeah, definitely. And again, I just want to thank you for this opportunity. And I'm really excited to, you know, discuss a little bit more about messenger marketing. 

    So, to preface it a little bit, if you just think of the core idea of having a brand and, you know, what's the main thing we do, and you have a brand, you want to get that in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

    Obviously, websites are good, and that's where you make SEO, and you drive traffic there. And then you can do, you know, paid for ads and things like that to drive it there. But what's the next thing you do? 

    Usually people start generating email lists, so then they can start executing on those email lists and sending messages. The issue there is the open rates are a little low, because everybody has email, but still the backbone of most marketing.

    So messenger is basically another addition to an own channel, just like email. SMS hasn't been a newer one that's been kind of introduced in the past few years. So that's another channel to bucket with email, but messenger is right there. 

    So there's like the three main own channels in the sense that you build up these lists, and then you execute on it, if your main goal is to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible. I mean, it just makes a ton of sense to adopt as many of these own channels as possible, there's a fourth one that is owning an app. 

    So if you know you have an app for your website, for example, you can send push notifications like that, but that's another channel. But, you know, that's, that's a lot tougher, usually, to get the opt in, right that that download. 

    If you think about the opt-ins from email, you know, an SMS and typing it out, and I'm pressing Enter, the messenger opt-in is actually just a reply from the consumer. 

    So all for SMS and email, they're constantly saying, hey, put in your email and your phone number and we'll give you some kind of code for messenger what we're trying to do is trying to get them to engage by any means necessary. 

    That could be through an ad that you're already running, that could be through a welcome pop up. We're always trying to get them to somehow interact with our brand through messenger and that's that's how we get that opt in. 

    But the difference is the open rates are 90% as opposed to no emails richer are nowhere near that and I think most of that's just because you get those notifications that are very profound you know, right there on your iPhone. 

    And you know, everyone looks at their messenger, that's that it's always there. Except people only usually use them to message their aunts and uncles and cousins right. 

    But really, there's a lot of business capabilities around that that I think a lot of the e commerce world is just starting to really envelope but you know it messenger had its time quote unquote back in the day with the automatic check but I think we're starting to you know, the curve is coming back up again a lot of attention is coming towards messenger again. It's a pretty, pretty interesting platform for sure.

    Chase Clymer  

    Yeah, it sounds interesting. And I like how you kind of explained that the barrier to entry on getting new leads, let's just call it that. 

    Getting these new leads is not as strict as email with an SMS you got GD RP and SMS is insane. 

    The fines if you screw that up, like so the people are very strict on those things, messengers a little more laxed um, with that being said, I would say that these leads might be a little bit less qualified and it's more for nurturing in that stage of it. Am I gathering that correctly? Or am I or am I inferring that wrong?

    Nick Romaya  

    Um, yes, yes and no. It is easier to get the lead. So yes, you will get Some people that are less qualified and less qualified meaning they won't make the same person decision as opposed like one of the people that are manually inputting their email, or phone number, yes, I see that point. 

    But just because they may be a little less qualified, if you think about the volume, the way how easy it is, right? If you have right messenger touchpoints with your brand, it's a lot easier to get leads, and thus, sure, you can have some less quality guys in there. But the volume kind of outweighs that slight difference in value for the consumer. If that makes sense.

    Chase Clymer  

    Hey, it makes sense to me, because I'm, uh, I'm on the sales side of this. So I just understand it. It's a numbers game at the end of the day, sometimes, depending on the kind of tactic you're taking. 

    So great a transition I just made speaking of tactics. Yeah. What, what would you say is like the number one or just like recently, one that you've been really surprised with? 

    How people are utilizing message messenger within their kind of stack to change the game for them, like, you know, it's making them more sales or less returns? Like, how is this, how is, you know, how are they doing this?

    Nick Romaya  

    Yeah, so the most interesting aspect, for me at least is the addition to ads. So Facebook ads, and Instagram ads are a staple, right? I mean, Gen Z, millennials, they're all on that. 

    And that's how we help out most of our DTC consumer brands, these days. And that's a lot of the traffic's coming from and businesses are built just from Instagram traffic alone. 

    So Instagram ads are very important. If you think about what an ad does, though, you're gonna click that, and it's just gonna open with Instagram, decide whether or not you want to proceed. If you do, if you don't, then those eggs out, and then that's it, maybe I'll get retargeted in the future. 

    With messenger added on to that ad, it's not like we're changing your marketing strategy to get that click, we don't want to change that, we still want to keep your clicks going. And if you've built this awesome traffic out of it, you know, messenger can really add on to something that's already successful. 

    What it does is, it's called a click to messenger ad. So when you click that ad, instead of going to the website, you're going to open a messenger conversation, which is going to prompt you to interact, says get started or unlock my 10% off code, that's just a thing that shows up at the bottom. 

    So you have to tap that that's a response, which means it's an opt in. So even if they went through that process, and then we're going to redirect them, right. 

    So even if they went through the process of checking us out, and then deciding to leave, they've opted in the meantime, whereas Otherwise, they, you know, they're just gone, right? I didn't get an email or SMS or anything from them, they just saw my ad click to the left. 

    So the value there is at least you're capturing a subscriber In the meantime, which then you can execute on in the future. And since you captured them, you can also send them within a 24 hour period, follow ups. So you know, we live in this ad society, the average person gets about 350 notifications a day, between all the apps and emails and phone numbers and calls. 

    And I mean, it's crazy. Tick Tock now, right. So if we could follow up in a relatively short period of time, about a product that maybe they were truly keen on purchasing, but the mom, their mom called them or something that's really valuable. And these are, quote, unquote, free follow ups from your ad as soon as they interact. 

    So I thought that was very interesting when I first started to learn about how messenger could incorporate with some of the powerhouse social media, things that we're doing on our brands these days.

    Chase Clymer  

    That's awesome. So Nick, I want to thank you so much for coming on today. And just given us kind of the one on one introduction, introduction to how to use messenger within a brand. So if people are curious about getting into messenger, or they have more questions for you about messenger or about Rijkaard, how do they get ahold of you?

    Nick Romaya  

    Yeah, so that and by the way, thank you again, Chase, I really appreciate it. If you guys want to learn more, please reach out to me at 619559405 minutes, my number, or you can email me nick@recart.com.

    Chase Clymer  

    Yep, thank you again. I really appreciate it. Hey, you are the first person to just give a straight phone number on any of the content I've done lately.

    I think maybe one person did it on the podcast once but that's that's really cool and unique.

    I'm a big texture, so they get it done. Nick, thank you so much.

    Nick Romaya  

    Thank you Chase. Appreciate it. Thank you.

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