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Unprepared Ep 30 - Improving Your Customers' Post-Purchase Experience With Val Geisler


  • [00:00] - Intro
  • [00:45] - How to get better at email
  • [05:30] - Setting your customers’ expectations
  • [07:05] - Content for email
  • [07:54] - Where to find Val
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Key Points:

  • An email has so many low-hanging fruits, you can do one thing and be better than 60% of the people/brands at email.
  • The most important thing that brands need to implement to improve their email is the post-purchase flow pre-delivery.
  • Post-purchase email campaigns are a series of transactional emails which contains information like the order and contact information, and shipping times. 
  • Some brands are not aware of the customer experience, but as a business, you need to think about what customers are going through.
  • Brands are encouraged to create at least 3 emails depending on how long it takes the time of purchase to the time of delivery, and an email about when the items can be shipped since shipping takes a long time.
  • Educating your customer on what they need to know about their item coming from your warehouse to their home sets an expectation.
  • Create a sequence that is not related to transactional email. Add something educational about the product while your customers are waiting.
  • The email for the sequence can contain tips on how they're gonna use their product, how to put the item together, feedback from happy customers, and more depending on the type of business you have.
  • Make your customers excited and feel that the product is worth investing in. By doing these post-purchase emails, your customers won’t forget about the product they bought. 
  • Doing a good job of alerting your customers about where their items are will reduce the inquiries in your customer service. 
  • Getting ahead of inbound questions from your customers especially during busy times when shipping takes longer will save everyone’s time. 
  • By just setting up an email, it’s gonna cost you less money in paying customer support people which will save their time and energy. 
  • Your content for the email can come from your FAQs, help documentation, blog, and even product descriptions. 
  • Take a step back from being too close to your product and think like a customer. Talk to some of them to get an idea and to generate more content. 



Chase Clymer
Alright everybody, welcome back to another episode of Unprepared today. [I] welcome to the show, probably,the closest guests in proximity to me that'll ever be on the show. Val from Fix My Churn. How are you doing?

Val Geisler
Super, we could actually do this in person.

Chase Clymer
We probably could, but we probably shouldn't. Because I don't know what you've been up to lately.

Val Geisler
Well, you know, few feet apart.

Chase Clymer
Several feet. Exactly. We could do that. Yeah, me and Val both live in clintonville. Ohio, Columbus. I don't know if for anyone that cares. Probably like for people that ever see this one know where that is?

Val Geisler
Yes. But it's one of the best parts of Columbus. So you should you should know where it is.

Chase Clymer
It is the best part of Columbus, in my opinion. I grew up here when I was little, actually. And then I moved back. So I love it main thing already.

So today's episode is probably one of the most important parts of your business that we're ever going to talk about. Val is an email marketing specialist.

I've learned so much from her over the years, she's been a guest on the podcast. Now she's joining us on our fun, impromptu video blog, whatever this is. But anyways, Val, I'm gonna turn it over to you. How do I get better at email? Hmm, well, so email.

Val Geisler
I feel like there are so many low hanging fruit, like, you can do one thing and be 60% better than most people that email. So that's, that's really fun and promising, right?

Like you can go do one thing right now and kill it compared to most brands. And that includes like really big brands. And I think the most important thing that every single brand needs to implement, and I don't see enough of is a post purchase flow pre delivery.

Chase Clymer
Oh, yeah.

Val Geisler
So I mean, this is like, we talked about this all the time, like you and I talked about this, we I talked about this in our mastermind group.

Like there's so many kind of people that work in the industry like with with brands who are fully aware of this, but yet brands don't seem to be really aware of this experience.

And I don't know, like, maybe brands aren't actually buying things online and having that customer experience, but you got to think about what is it? What are your customers going through, so they just put in their credit card.

So Hmm, this dust here is a great example. Okay, I ordered this desk chair $300 desk chair. It, I ordered it from a DTC brand. And I ordered it in Sejal, it's July now it was early June. I got three emails the day I ordered it.

So I got the receipt. And the order confirmation like so there were two different emails about that. And then one that was like, here's our referral program. Okay, cool. Well, I haven't even received the chair yet.

So I'm not interested in your referral program right now. Like, let me see it first. And then. And then I totally forgot about it, because we're a little bit busy right now. Um, and I had a chair, it wasn't like I was just standing here.

So I had another chair. And I forgot that I made this purchase. And, and about a week ago, maybe two weeks ago, I got another email. So we're in mid July now.

So a month later, yeah, I get an email from them saying, hey, so about that chair you bought, it's gonna ship in the next week or two, like find between this date and this date. And it was like a full week of between dates. I was like, oh, write about that chair.

And now I'm starting to think Wait a second. Why is it taken a month for them to like even ship my chair. It's not like they're hand making my chair. It's not a Etsy purchase that they're crafting it from parts. And they're putting them in boxes and mailing it to me.

So what's going on and now I'm starting to question my purchase before I've even received it. And so what I would encourage everyone to go do is create I don't know three emails depending on how long it takes from time of purchase to time, the time your order is shipped and then even from shipping to delivery because right now shipping times are longer, they're super long.

And so creating some kind of sequence that happens that is not related to transactional emails is not an order confirmation a your item has shipped email a your item was delivered email, something beyond that something educational about how they're going to use your product, what they're going to do when they get it like with this chair.

I would have loved some like a video about how to put it together on some tips from people who have put it together before like one thing to look out for, you know, something along those lines.

Information from other people who have made this purchase how happy they were with the fact that like their back feels better or whatever it is, you know, using customer testimonials, using education.

If you're a food brand, you can give recipes, they're going to want to think about getting ready for your product to arrive. You know I had a makeup order They sent me like this was kind of this multi stick, here's all the ways you can use this multi stick.

And it was before it ever arrived. And I love that. And it just helps me get excited about my product arriving. And it helps remind me that I did make a good choice in investing in this particular brand.

But it's not, you know, I'm not sitting here questioning or a month later for remembering that I made a purchase and then starting to feel like, why did I purchase from that brand? You know?

Chase Clymer
Yeah, I mean, it's not only the helping get your customers excited about their purchase, there's a whole other tactical element of it of Where is my item? Yeah, you know what I mean.

And if you do a good job of alerting your customers to kind of the boring elements of it, so like pre transit, and transit out for delivery, delivery, all those things, if you keep them aware of where the item is, you're going to reduce inquiries to your customer service, it's actually going to save you money, and save you manpower.

And you know, some people might say it's annoying to deal with those emails like, or to deal with those inquiries, because they're so simple. But if you just do the work up front, and just make it simple for people and educate them on where their item is in that journey coming from your warehouse to their home, that's gonna help out a ton.

Val Geisler
Yeah. And even in altering that, that flow during busy times, like Black Friday, or global pandemic, or whatever it is where we set.

Chase Clymer
Yeah, set expectations.

Val Geisler
Yeah, well, we know shipping times are going to be a little bit longer right now. So if you can get ahead of that, and inbound question from your customer, you're doing everyone a favor.

And so it's, it's actually going to cost you less money in paying customer support people and their time and their energy, then it was actually just setting up one email. So I encourage that post purchase flow as the best way to improve your email campaigns.

Chase Clymer
Oh, absolutely. We did that.

Val Geisler
And and I just wanted to say it's the the kind of pushback I get on that a lot is like, well, I don't, I don't know what to put in there. I don't I don't have any content, you have the content you already do.

It's in your FAQs, or your help documentation or your your blog content, like your best blog posts. It's probably even in like your product description. You can reiterate in a like a longer form email.

There's all kinds of ways you already have that content. It's just sitting back like taking a step back from your seat of being so close to the product and the and the experience, and wondering what is the customer thinking about right now?

And if you're wondering what that is, and don't have the answer, then go talk to some of your customers.

Chase Clymer
Absolutely. Val before we go here. Yeah, if I want to learn more about email from you, what are the best ways to follow you on the internet or get a hold of you, you know, here's your time to shine.

Val Geisler
And so I'm on Twitter at love Val Geisler and and then fix my turn calm is our site and do it going through a little bit of a rebrand right now on that not rebrand, but refresh on the website, just so things are easier to find.

But right now, the best place to find me would be on Twitter, if you want to talk to me, if you want to talk to me and my team, and find out more about talking to your customers about writing those post purchase flows.

We do all of that for brands who are busy or overwhelmed or just simply want to off their plate. You can come talk to us at it's my turn calm.

Chase Clymer
Awesome. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

Val Geisler
Thanks for having me.

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