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Unprepared Ep 33 - Two Amazing Tips to Improve Your Messaging with Rishi Rawat


  • [00:00] - Intro
  • [00:50] - Focusing on first-time buyers 
  • [03:03] - What makes you different?
  • [04:31] - The goal of your copy
  • [08:00] - Where to find Rishi
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Key Points:

  • Frictionless Commerce does A/B testing to get to the root of the buyer's psychology. 
  • Frictionless Commerce wants to understand how buyers behave online and what they can do to influence, convince, and convert them. 
  • These are the 2 things that can make a huge impact on your business: focusing on your first-time buyers, and building on what makes your business/product unique. 
  • Your entire marketing needs to be geared towards the objective of converting your first-time buyers.
  • Work on the messaging and the marketing you're going to do to your first-time buyers. It's going to help you with all your remarketing effort 
  • Ask this question: Does our website/ Is our marketing doing a good job of telling a story and convincing or converting first-time buyers? 
  • If you can improve your first-time buyer conversion rates by 10%, the impact on your business is going to be close to 30%.
  • First-time buyers have a higher lifetime value so they will likely buy again in the future. And if they do, you can cross-sell to them.
  • Once you get someone's email address and you have the permission to market to them, you can show them all the wonderful products you have (e.g. your premium products). 
  • It’s risky to take people who never bought from you before to the cart page and recommend buying something else.
  • Your buyer is looking for a connection to one business. Think about the buyer experience and how they look for businesses online.
  • Focusing on what makes your business, product, or even pricing different can result in dramatic conversion rates.
  • Concentrate on one goal for your ad and it is to convert first-time buyers. Conduct tests, check the language you can use, and look for what you can offer.
  • If you can figure out a profitable sales funnel to where you're gaining on prospecting ads, you should also focus on that as much as you can invest in that winning ad. 
  • Once you identify the winning ad, that's when you start spending more.
  • Be clear about what you offer. Putting everything out there might work for some, but it can be a huge turnoff to everyone else.
  • Don't worry about having everybody as your customer. It's never gonna happen.
  • If only 4% of the people visiting your website will ever buy from you, make sure that you’re speaking directly to that 4%


Chase Clymer  

Alright everybody, welcome back to [Unprepared]. Today we're welcoming to show, Rishi from Frictionless Commerce and he is going to hit us with two amazing tips to improve your messaging. I'm gonna stop talking and let an expert show you what's up. Rishi, welcome to the show.

Rishi Rawat  

Hey, man, thanks. I appreciate it. Good to talk to you guys. I want to give you a quick background about what I've been doing for the last 11 years. 

I've been basically just A/B testing all day all night, just running split tests. And why are we doing it? We're doing it because we want to really get to the root of buyer psychology. We want to understand how buyers behave online. And what can we do from a marketing perspective to influence and convince and convert them? 

And my focus is on copywriting. That's basically what we spend our time on. We've got a nine-point copywriting process. But on this video, in this quick video, I'm going to focus on two things. And these two things are going to fundamentally change your life. 

These are things that we've been testing. We've run hundreds of tests. And these are the two things that almost in every instance, make a huge difference. So keep your pen and paper ready. Here are my two tips. 

Tip number one is to focus on first-time buyers. There is a lot in marketing, there's a whole bunch of things that are happening in marketing. And I think what happens is that we tend to get pulled into things. We need to increase our average order value, we need to do some cross-sells, upsells, we need to reactivate people that we converted a year ago, we need to ignite word of mouth marketing so we can get people to bring in their friends into our brand. 

I think all of those things are important. But I think they're very complicated. And I think most people will get it wrong. The thing to focus on is converting more first time buyers. So basically, I want you to look at your website purely from the perspective of: does our website, is our marketing doing a good job in telling a story and convincing and converting first-time buyers, that's all you're getting. 

Don't worry about getting people to subscribe to your subscription plan. Don't worry about getting someone who's seeing product A to also see product B in hopes that they would buy A plus B. These things hurt conversion rates. 

Focus laser focus on converting first-time buyers. What you're going to find, is something magical happens. If you can improve first-time buyer conversion rates by 10%, the actual impact on your business is going to be close to 30%. 

How? Because first-time buyers also have a higher lifetime value. So they will buy again in the future. If they buy in the future. You can cross-sell to them. Once I get someone's email address and I have their permission to market to them, I can then expose them to all the wonderful products you have, I can expose them to a premium product line.

But when they're on the website, and they've never bought from you before, it's too risky to kind of take the most in the cart page and say have you also considered buying something else. 

So I would very strongly recommend that you focus on first-time buyers, and your entire marketing needs to be geared towards that objective. So that's my tip number one. Related tip. Tip number one is tip number two, which I think is the most overlooked aspect of Ecommerce.

I have worked with 150 different online retailers. I've looked at more data than one should, one healthy person should look at. And what I can tell you is that marketers do a terrible job in telling their story.

Think about the buyer experience. Think about what happens on Google. When I search for a blender. Or if I'm looking for a juicer, or if I'm looking for a pair of shoes, what is Google doing? Google is in the business of giving me more and more choices. 

What do consumers do when they're confronted with lots of choices? We noticed that what consumers do is they, first of all, we're not designed to process more than three to four choices. So it's too much for us. And the way we behave online is we'd right-click, we open a new tab. 

So when someone comes to your website, they've actually got five other tabs open and they're also looking at your competitors. So they're not giving you their full attention. And what they are looking for is they're looking for a connection. 

And so by focusing on what makes you different, whether it's what makes you different is a business or what makes your product different from everything else, or what makes your pricing different, everything can be justified, but your job as a marketer is to nail that question and you have 20 seconds to do it. 

So I would say that instead of focusing on talking about stuff, that's not an important focus on nailing why you are different. And if you can focus that it's going to have a dramatic effect on conversion rates. And those are my two tips. And I hope that makes sense.

Chase Clymer  

Oh, it makes a lot of sense to me. And I think that the first tip there is to work on nailing that messaging and the marketing that you're going to do to first-time buyers is actually you know, that's key. And also what it's going to help you with is with all of your remarketing efforts. 

If you start to get that stuff to make sense more when you're bringing people back, they're going to convert at a higher rate as well. That's a fantastic outlook to have. I think when you're approaching, writing the messaging and copy on your site, especially on landing pages, when you're prospecting and stuff. I think people oftentimes, they have too many goals with what they want this ad to do for them. 

So I think, taking this strategy, the number one goal is to just convert a first time visitor. What can we test? What language can we use? What messaging? What offer can we use to try to? Just have one goal with your ads. I think that is something that I took away from that first statement because a lot of people, if you try to do too much, if everything's important, nothing's important, and it's all just, it's gonna go to shit. 

So you got to really narrow that focus. And I think, with your prospecting ads at top of the funnel, absolutely work on that copy to try to increase those first-time purchases. Because not only that, if you can figure out a profitable sales funnel to where you're profiting on prospecting, that's a lot of P words. You've essentially hit a home run, and you should be cranking it up to as much as you can invest in that in that winning ad. 

That's what people are talking about when there's money to be made on Facebook. Once you identify that winning ad, that's when you turn up the spend. I hope I didn't get a little too tangential from what you were discussing? But it's just, all these things relate.

Rishi Rawat  

Well, I think and you mentioned earlier in our call that you guys use Basecamp. I think Basecamp is a great example of a company that really nails what makes them different. 

When you go to the Basecamp homepage basecamp.com, it is within four seconds, you know exactly what they stand for. Their design aesthetics communicated. Their copy is crystal clear. They say exactly who they are. And I think sometimes what happens is for us as marketers, because we don't know what's going to resonate with the customer, we basically say, let's just put everything out there in hopes that something is going to work. 

The problem, like you said with that is that it might work for some people, but it's a huge turnoff for everyone else. So don't worry about having everybody as your customer, it's never gonna happen. It's never happened in the history of mankind. You're not going to be the first marketer to do it. Even Apple can't do it. 

So I would say instead of doing that, focus and say, “Okay, we know that only 4% of people on our website would ever buy from us, how can we make sure that we are speaking directly to that 4% and forget the damn 96%?”

Chase Clymer  

Oh, absolutely. And then just talking about Basecamp. Basecamp is a masterclass in how to build a business. Their owners have produced a bunch of amazing books, and I can highly recommend reading Remote. And it doesn't have to be crazy at work, those actually transformed our agency. 

And those are, I highly recommend those. They do a very good job. Their blog 37 Signals has a lot of amazing content on it, too. They work in a public company. And I appreciate them being in this ecosystem. 

Rishi, if the people are interested in what you're saying and they want to learn more from you, where should they head?

Rishi Rawat  

Yes, yes, yes. I want to mention that real quick. I have a weekly newsletter. Every Monday morning, I share one key conversion insight. I'm not talking about from a design perspective. We study and research buyer psychology. 

And my website is, and the way you can sign up for the newsletter, there's only one way to do it. So you won't see a link on my homepage. It's frictionless-commerce. That's frictionless-commerce.com/join, J-O-I-N. That's the only way to get your newsletter. If you're interested in this content, you can sign up and you can unsubscribe whenever you want. It's gonna blow your mind.

Chase Clymer  

Awesome. We'll make sure to link to that in the show notes. Thank you so much for coming on.

Rishi Rawat  

Thanks a lot. Take care.

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