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Unprepared Ep 51 - Growing Your Local SEO and Ecommerce Business with Ted Bigham


  • [00:00] - Sponsor: Rewind
  • [00:40] - Intro
  • [01:23] - How Kow Abundant helps with local SEOs
  • [02:50] - Supporting local businesses
  • [04:11] - How local businesses are stepping up
  • [06:02] - Transitioning from traditional to online 
  • [07:00] - Ecommerce innovation in the future
  • [08:12] - How local businesses can improve sales
  • [10:40] - Where to find Ted


Key Points:

  • Kow Abundant is a local agency in Ohio that helps local businesses grow their SEO and Google Ads. 
  • In Kow Abundant, they are able to put people on Google Shopping so people who are searching for a business nearby can see the local businesses. 
  • They help businesses strengthen the community and get more money into the local community. 
  • They also encourage people to support local businesses because $68 of every $100 stays in the community compared to $43 when you have a non-local business. 
  • Kow Abundant only works with local businesses, particularly in the Central Ohio area but they do have businesses outside Ohio who still have connections to Ohio. 
  • People want local businesses to succeed, and one of the ways to do that is to make them powerful online.
  • Consumers often purchase in big stores since it's easier, but they realize the importance of buying local.
  • Small businesses have stepped up from curbside pick up to accommodation and special appointments in their stores to make it safe for everybody
  • These local businesses are doing things safely and consumers have realized the importance and effort 
  • Part of that is transitioning online and making Ecommerce more mainstream. It's put the consciousness of Ecommerce in the local business. 
  • They can no longer say that Amazon can do it better because you can set up a store online. And you need to have an Ecommerce solution if you're selling a product, widget, etc. 
  • Businesses may invest in it since "normal" won't go back easily so Ecommerce is here to stay and shopping online is going to grow
  • Ecommerce evolution was bound to happen in a couple of years, but COVID forced businesses to evolve or dissolve faster.
  • A lot of businesses don't take advantage of Google Shopping or other online setups. But this helps with local traffic, and being locally optimized is very important to improve your sales
  • Even Google puts emphasis on local businesses and businesses that are shown near you, local reviews, etc. 
  • Try to encourage your customer to leave a review with a local keyword that can help you boost your rankings. 


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Chase Clymer  

Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode of Unprepared. I'm your host, Chase. Clymer. 

And today, welcome to the show another Ohioan, hopefully, a proud buck. I will get into that later. But Ted, welcome to the show. How are you doing today?

Ted Bigham  

Thank you, Chase, I appreciate it. Thanks for inviting me here. I'm doing well. 

Chase Clymer  

Awesome. Awesome. So Ted is another agency owner here in Columbus, Ohio. He does a lot for helping small businesses. Definitely a little bit more local-focused than us, which is going to be the topic of our show today. 

So Ted is been helping a lot of businesses now with where the world is at. Helping them with local SEO. So Ted, without further ado, could you help my audience understand how you're helping local businesses with local SEO at Kow Abundant?

Ted Bigham  

Yeah, great question. I mean, we're all about local at Kow Abundant basically to strengthen the community and get more money into the community cause $68 of every $100 stays in the community versus like, $43 if you're at a non-local business.

So there's definitely a lot more incentive to spending locally and we're always trying to push that with local businesses and to encourage, you know, people to shop local, support local, and we only work with local businesses. 

So that's what we're all about, particularly in the central Ohio area. But, you know, we do ask if there's some connection to Ohio, so we do have some businesses that are outside of Ohio that we work with. 

But you know, normally either they live here or know people here, or have some connection that way. So it's always like Buckeye proud and kind of about that is where we like to start with things. 

Chase Clymer  

Yeah, I think that's a great positioning and niche. And I've read, I believe it was either Good to Great or Small Giants. It was one of those books which are fantastic reads. But brands or companies, when they have a strong tie to the local community, they always seem to thrive more.

Ted Bigham  

Yeah, that's definitely something that we're seeing and the support that is able to keep local businesses going when they need help. Or if others need help, you know, it's easier to ask people that you know and to connect with the community. 

We've seen just a wonderful outreach this past year from so many people in Ohio and the community. Because of that, these local businesses, people want them to succeed, they want them to thrive. 

And so part of that is making sure they're powerful online which I think a lot of businesses, maybe they put off some of that stuff before you know 2020 in those times, and now we're seeing that businesses nowadays, they really have to focus online. From Ecommerce to local SEO, that's insanely important. 

And so we're always trying to push the envelope trying to get businesses to go a little farther with selling online, whether it be selling online, whether it be connecting with people online, on social, pushing out media campaigns, you know, from YouTube, doing local things, to push all of that, so that they have just more connection and more reach to the community.

Chase Clymer  

Absolutely. I think that, unfortunately, a lot of businesses were...doing well, like, you know, they weren't doing bad, but they were doing well, with more traditional marketing, a lot of word of mouth, maybe even location was key to them. 

And obviously, there has been a giant shift in essentially just like the location being a prime driver of your traffic if people can't really go out or do anything anymore. It's definitely a big issue. 

So do you have any more specific examples of things that you have been doing for these brands? Or where you've been focusing energy, or where you're where people have been finding success?

Ted Bigham  

Yeah, I think that a lot of people and consumers, in general, were just doing the big stores initially because that was easy to order stuff. But as time went on, they realized they really need to go local again, and they can't wait for that kind of stuff. 

And businesses have stepped up from curbside pickup to delivery options to making accommodations in their stores as well. You know, in person special appointments, there are all kinds of things that local businesses have done to try to make it safe for everybody. 

And that's really important because now people are realizing, you know, you shouldn't wait, you should go and you should support local business in any way you can, from your local jewelry stores to even like local dentists need help. 

Even people just getting regular appointments, people are putting things off that way. So it's important to still recognize that these local businesses are doing things and doing it safe also. 

They understand the importance of that. And all the companies I've seen take it very seriously, you know, safety for all their customers, as they always have, they love their customers. And they want to provide a safe environment. 

So part of that now is transitioning to online, and making Ecommerce kind of more mainstream. If anything, it's put the consciousness of Ecommerce into local businesses, and now they realize, you know, they can no longer say, well, "Amazon does it better so I can't even bother." That's not an excuse anymore. 

You know, you have to be online, you have to have some type of Ecommerce solution if you're selling products, or widgets, or whatever. So you can't just say, come to my store, even right now, because of the issues that are happening. 

So, yeah, Ecommerce is definitely really important. And I do see a lot of businesses investing in that knowing that even when there's a quote, "new normal of things" that it's not going to just go back, so to speak, that Ecommerce is here to stay.

Shopping online is only going to grow. And now luckily, local businesses recognize that. And there's also a lot of room for innovation in the future because the businesses that do embrace that offer free shipping, make it easy for the customer to buy online. They're the ones who are going to succeed very well.

Chase Clymer  

Yeah, I like how you said that you know, getting to a new normal, or whatever it definitely is, the market penetration of Ecommerce has just exploded. 

And it definitely is now the main consideration for a lot of consumers, it just makes things easier. And, you know, if you're not evolving with the times. This was bound to happen, but you know, it was going to take a couple more years. 

And just with the onset of COVID, it just sped up that timeline. And it's forcing people to you know, either evolve or unfortunately, you know.

Ted Bigham  

Evolve or dissolve.

Chase Clymer  

Yeah, there you go. That's the unfortunate reality of what's going on these days. What else did I forget to ask you about that you want to share today?

Ted Bigham  

I will. So some of the things that local businesses can do to help, you know, improve sales and get more people. Some of the things I'm seeing that are still really important is local traffic and being locally optimized is very important. 

It always had been, but Google does put an emphasis on local businesses and you know, businesses that are shown near you, for people that are searching for those goods. 

I think, I mean, there's so many things, and one of the biggest is local reviews, trusted reviews, making sure you get frequent user reviews from customers and encouraging people to leave your review is so important right now. 

And a little bonus tip is if you can get the customer to say this was the best burrito in Columbus, you know, in Cincinnati, wherever that is a helpful keyword to boost up your rankings. 

So if you can get people to actually say what they did not, it's really great, they taste good, it's fast, that's too generic. If you actually say the buzzword. 

You know, this is the best dentist in Columbus, that kind of stuff that will boost your rankings. Local traffic still very important because so many people are Googling and looking up local businesses and products, that it's important for good reviews. 

Another thing is, you know, that local traffic so important, I think one of the things is that a lot of businesses don't take advantage of if they sell products online Google Shopping. Sometimes you need you might need a professional. It depends on your system. 

If you're using Shopify or like some others, it's actually not too difficult to set up yourself. There are certain things you might need help with. 

But that's something where, you know, like Kow Abundant we're actually able to put people on Google Shopping for example, where they can be seen locally. 

So people can say available nearby and they could find, you know, barber clippers, or you know, any kind of product, stuffed animals, toys, whatever. 

And it's not just going to be Target or Walmart. You can actually be seen when people select that. So being smart about technology and taking advantage of that, and that some of these are available even for local small businesses that you might not think are possible.

Chase Clymer  

Yeah, if this is resonating with one of our either viewers or listeners, depending on how you're enjoying this content, how do they reach out to you?

Ted Bigham  

So you can reach out on I have a YouTube, I have a website, kowabundant.com with a K, kowabundant.com

I do a newsletter every month that answers popular questions that my customers have. And that's a fun thing to start. So maybe just go to my website and sign up for the newsletter. And then there's more ways to contact that way. So that'd be good. 

Chase Clymer  

Absolutely. I'll make sure to link to all that stuff in the description. Ted, thank you so much for coming on today.

Ted Bigham  

Chase. Thank you love it.