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Why Consistency Matters: Creating a Digital Branding Guide by Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Bosun and Columbus Web Group talks about how important it is to create a unified online experience for your brand. He is an expert in branding and design and gives a lot of great tips on how to keep a consistent brand across all platforms.

With over 20 years of digital experience, Kevin Mack has worked along other industry leaders to make creative and innovative experiences that scale and meet customer demands, needs, and visions. His background includes designing and developing user experiences for large-scaling websites, applications and entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder and organizer of The Columbus Web Group where he actively participates in growing and educating the community around design, development, best practices and standards for the web. You can find him on Twitter (@nicetransition), YouTube, CodePen, or GitHub. His passions are “all things web” and mentoring others. Plus, he parties.