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Why Most Brands’ Retargeting Strategies Don’t Work by Reza Khadjavi

As an experienced serial entrepreneur and CEO of Shoelace, the world-class retargeting solution for Direct-to-Consumer brands, Reza Khadjavi believes that the days of annoying ads are numbered. On a mission to change the way marketers engage with consumers through advertising, Reza is passionate about empowering brands to create truly compelling retargeting experiences for their customers.

In this talk, Reza challenges the assumption that repetitive and impersonal advertising is the acceptable way to do eCommerce in this day and age. Instead of taking a generic approach to retargeting that is proven to create a negative brand experience for the consumer, Reza advocates for a paid marketing strategy known as Customer Journey Retargeting (or CJR) which helps eCommerce businesses increase revenue whilst building brand equity with their target customer leading to increased Lifetime Value.

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