Honest Ecommerce

008 | What You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising | with Karan Jassar

Episode Summary

On this podcast, we talk about setting up retargeting correctly on Facebook and Instagram, creating retargeting funnels, how to think about various potential audiences, the role of creative, and so much more!

Episode Notes

Karan Jassar is the founder & CEO of Socioh.com, which specializes in social media marketing for online stores.

Before Socioh, Karan was with Yahoo for 6 years and had the opportunity to work on all of their advertising systems, starting in their display ads team and later transitioning to building their search marketing system (think Adwords but for Yahoo/Bing search).  

That experience gave Karan in depth technical knowledge of advertising and how it works on the inside, once you ad goes to Facebook, Google, or Yahoo. Now he leverages this knowledge to help online store owners be successful with their advertising efforts.


To learn more, visit: http://honestecommerce.co