Honest Ecommerce

014 | Becoming the Backroads Boss Lady | with Jessi Roberts

Episode Summary

On this podcast, we talk about how to effectively market a small business, why your “hustle” isn’t working, the journey to publishing a hybrid memoir/business book, and so much more!

Episode Notes

Jessi Roberts is the Founder, President and Boss Lady at Cheekys Brand and author of the new book Backroads Boss Lady.

She founded Cheekys in 2011 with her life savings of $7,000 – and, today, the company employs 30 people in rural New Plymouth, Idaho (population 1538), with revenues exceeding $20 million dollars.

Cheekys made the 2018 Inc. 500 list for rapid growth, and the company reaches about 2 million people a week through its innovative social media marketing.

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