Honest Ecommerce

015 | Scaling Customer Service for High-Growth Ecom Stores | with Vincent Phamvan

Episode Summary

On this podcast, we talk about the most common customer service mistakes, the top 3 things that customers are looking for, how Shopify owners can best utilize live chat, and so much more!

Episode Notes

Vincent Phamvan is the Head of Growth at Simplr, where he helps high-growth companies engineer unforgettable customer experiences through top-notch human + AI-powered customer service.

Vincent previously led business development and innovation for Asurion, where he helped launch several company initiatives, engineering operational business processes and leading process improvement initiatives that resulted in cost savings and growth.

Although Simplr is a sponsor of the show, we promise that this is not a super salesy episode – Vincent brings a LOT of customer service experience to the table, and he has a lot of insight that will benefit Shopify store owners.

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