Honest Ecommerce

016 | How to Design a Business That Runs Itself | with Adrienne Dorison

Episode Summary

On this podcast, we talk about the tools and tactics for documenting business processes, how Clockwork is related to Profit First, the types of businesses that will benefit from the Run Like Clockwork framework, and so much more!

Episode Notes

Ready to improve the profit margins of your Shopify store, reduce waste, and take an unplugged vacation?

Well, you’re in luck! Because today we’re talking to Adrienne Dorison, who co-founded Run Like Clockwork™ with Mike Michalowicz, author of the show-favorite book Profit First and Clockwork.

Their goal is to help CEOs design a business and team that can run itself, as the name suggests, like clockwork.

Adrienne and the Run Like Clockwork team have created the most simplistic approach to making your business ultra-efficient, drawing on her 10+ years studying big business efficiency principles and figuring out how to adapt them for the small business world.

Because of these efficiency tools and concepts, her clients have been able to experience explosive company growth, all while removing themselves from the day-to-day operation.

To learn more, visit: http://honestecommerce.co